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PeaceTones® enables musicians to develop and disseminate their art by bringing crucial legal, technology, and business skills to historically unheard musicians, empowering them as leaders and shapers of positive social change. Photo Credit: Daniel Maissan Photography


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Be part of the mission to build global justice and equality through local culture, one musician at a time. Photo Credit: Daniel Maissan Photography

PeaceTones®, an initiative of Institute, is an education and empowerment initiative that emphasizes the exploration of artist rights, music distribution, and being heard in a digital age.
PeaceTones® programs span the globe and are dedicated to strengthening the voices of historically unheard artists in regions facing conflict, economic instability, and lack of fundamental human rights. PeaceTones® seeks to shine a light on music as a source of social and economic empowerment.

What we do

Music can mirror society, but it can also transform it. We want to support musicians who do both – mirror the aspects of their cultures that are inspiring so the rest of the world can witness them, and begin to transform aspects that are problematic by starting a conversation around them.

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Their Music

Empowered with education, they are positioned to be effective leaders within their communities and to disseminate positive messages for accountability and equality. A lyrical voice for justice amplified by the power of technology, resonates with a community and the world.

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PeaceTones® is a connector and a platform for the stories of individuals and communities around the world. We are dedicated to empowering musicians and making sure they profit, along with their local communities, from the beautiful music they give the world.

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    PeaceTones® Around The Globe

    PeaceTones® artist group, Vocal Trash, uniquely promotes green sustainability as well as social awareness to students globally, and inspire our youth to make good choices. The Vocal Trash Think Program teaches young people how to reduce, reuse, recycle and upcycle through song and dance. By creating the THINK program, they found a way to not only influence and inspire minds, but also show young people the first steps to environmental revolution and reform.
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    Peacetones in Action

    Daniel Maissan

    Joshua Smith

    The PeaceTones model is unique and our mission is simple: empower the arts to empower communities.

    Jeffrey Aresty – PeaceTones Co-founder

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