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Songs from Freetown

Comprised of several popular artists from Freetown, the PeaceTones® Sierra Leone compilation features the voices of activists and artists. A mixture of reggae, hip-hop and synth beats melded with Sierra Leonean rhythms, these songs address contemporary issues within Sierra Leone and Africa today. For example, “Africa Unite” by the artist Alonzo raises serious questions about the future of Africa as a country if issues like AIDS and education are not dealt with on a country level, while “Green, White and Blue” by Junior Kabba is about national pride and appreciation for Sierra Leone’s beauty.

Valuing communal development over individual profit, the musicians decided to donate all the proceeds from the sale of their songs to the JR Foundation, founded by the artist JayArr. Designed to support artistic talent within Freetown, this non-profit will provide resources, including classes and equipment, to dedicated musicians, who would not have access to these means otherwise.

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