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Refugees Welcome

By Hip Hop Saves Lives, Sosolya Dance Academy and Timeless

The world’s biggest refugee crisis can be found in Uganda. We desire to share their stories with the world to gain global attention and support for those affected and help gain momentum to stop the conflict.

Through Sosolya Dance Academy and Hip Hop Saves Lives’ global hip hop community we have made many connections with different refugee settlements and are currently creating a music album and documentary series with Sudanese refugees living in Uganda.




Your donations will fund payment for Sundanese artists we collaborate with, Uganda facilitators, their food and travel to and from the studio where we record.




The end goal of this project is to use the power of art and entertainment to help celebrate the strength and courage of refugees. We believe that sharing their stories in detail – what they have lived through and survived – will help people and countries to better serve them, to rebuild not just their lives but their emotional mind states. See the latest update here.


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