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In 2015, PeaceTones took a more local focus with its programming, teaming up with United Roots Oakland to run a pilot project on a range of topics for emerging artists in Oakland, CA. United Roots enables disenfranchised youth to engage with the green economy, performing arts, and digital media in ways that educate, empower, inspire, and transform lives.

Both PeaceTones and United Roots Oakland take unique and innovative approaches to community development and believe in music as a valuable vehicle for social change. From January through March 2015, they collaborated to put this shared vision to the test, hosting a series of music industry training workshops for the talented artists of United Roots’ DetermiNation Black Men’s Group.

Workshops are designed to empower musicians, create lifelong skills that foster greater opportunities and success, and ultimately to lead to a culture shift where new, yet unheard voices can have a platform in the current music landscape. Working with accomplished local partners, from lawyers and community organizers to musicians, producers, and other professionals. Topics include: legal rights, marketing, online music distribution, finances, social media, and more.

For video clips, visit our YouTube channel!

Partial funding with gratitude from the Entrekin Family Foundation and the Furthur Foundation.

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