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Explore these resources to learn how to protect your work, reach your fans, make money, and have your voice heard.

How To License Your Music

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Getting started as a band

Any budding artist should have access to resources on the basics of law regarding making and distributing their music. If you hope to get income from your music and performance recordings, you should protect yourself. Read this helpful guide to learn how music copyrights work, the requirements to having ownership of your song’s copyright, and which music licenses generate income for songwriters.

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Reaching your fans

Unsure on how to get your name out there? Worried that you aren’t reaching as many potential fans as you could be? Here are a few marketing tricks and tools that will benefit both online and offline.

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Making money from your music

Do you love to play/write music but also want to be able to earn money for your hard work? We’ve collected a number of resources that instruct you on how to earn a profit from your music.

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Protecting your music

Intellectual property rights may seem like a tricky subject, but our collection of resources provide a clear overview of what you have to do to protect your work.

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Contract templates

A collection of templates of the most common contracts and agreements you will come across as an independent musicians. From Assignment of Copyright contracts to Employment Services Agreements, these templates will help you navigate through almost any legal signing issue you may be confronted with. *DISCLAIMER: These contract templates are for educational purposes only. Always consult a lawyer before writing or signing a contract or other legal document.

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