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The World United in Song

Throughout history, music has been an essential vehicle for inspiring social and cultural change. Musicians have the unique capacity to unite their communities and to communicate their narrative to the world in a way that transcends language. PeaceTones has just released its new project, The World United in Song. Featuring 11 original songs and videos from musicians living in refugee camps, post-conflict countries, and some of the most marginalized regions of the world, the album depicts the stories of those who have endured untold suffering and does so through their own unique voices.

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These are some of the stories of The World United in Song

Syed and Rahim tell their story about living in the Rohingya Refugee Camp in Bangladesh.


Musician and social justice activist Chi Suwichan is leading grassroots movements within the ethnic Karen community in Mae Sot, Thailand. In his song Ywa, Chi asks us all to show the reverence for our natural environment that it deserves.

Ja Htoi Bu sings a traditional song from the Kachin State of Myanmar. Nestled in between China and Tibet, on the southern tip of the Himalayas, this video depicts the serenity of this distinct culture.

Hailing from Trench Town, Jamaica, Starsocial Everlasting speaks to the realities of daily life in the ghetto. No Concern then moves to Dakar, Senegal, where rapper and political activist Xuman L’officiel continues to address these themes, and how they impact his sisters and brothers in West Africa. Lastly the track arrives in Nigeria, where Solomon Arebu gives thanks for surviving his trip across the Mediterranean in a rickety boat after fleeing persecution.

Cuban poet, Elier Alvarez, talks about the daily injustices that his community faces in Havana.

Child soldier Mely Fernandes, who fought valiantly in the mountains for Timor-Leste’s independence, has now put down his makeshift weapons and picked up a microphone.

Secou Gassama and Satou ask questions about the effects of colonialism and the division that it has fomented throughout Africa – we’re all sisters and brothers. Guest rapper, 17 year old MC Flower Vanessa, leads a critical mass of girls who are demanding the rights that they deserve: access to education, health, and gender equality.

Johnleo Ngrapphy from Cameroon, Chris Kangol from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Jonas Muller from Germany, and Falex Auguste from Haiti rap about peace, justice, and freedom. Check out refugees and human rights activists telling their story through music.

Freedom has been fought and died for. We cannot give up this inherent right for anything. God bless all those in this world who long to be free.

Zana Asia fled Iraqi Kurdistan to seek a better life. For many years he was Dancing in Exile, but today calls the United Kingdom home.

Rappers from the United States, Pakistan, and Thailand implore us to Wake Up From the Lies.

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PeaceTones would like to extend its gratitude to Chad Harper of Hip Hop Saves Lives for connecting us with various musical artists from around the world to help bring this album to fruition.

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