The World United in Song

The World United in Song is a collection of original music from around the world that has a focus on musicians who are working in their countries to promote human rights and social justice. This album, however, will be much more than just music, it will be an advocacy tool that tells the musicians’ stories and draws the world’s attention to the movements that they have inspired.

One such musician that will appear on the album is the rapper Mely Fernandes. Mely was a child soldier who fought valiantly in the mountains for Timor-Leste’s independence. In 1999 when independence seemed within grasp, Mely unclenched the makeshift arms of the resistance force and picked up a microphone. Mely’s lyrics have inspired the next generation of Timorese youth to use their newfound independence to demand positive social change. Watch a clip of the video for the song Liberdade.


The World United in Song is already supporting similarly inspirational musicians in such countries as Tibet, Burma, Kenya, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Haiti, and Brazil. David Levy, a musician and human rights lawyer, is the producer of The World United in Song.


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