Ep1 of Hip Hop Saves Lives TV. Follow us as we and our business partner PeaceTones explore the history of the country and partner with the disabled community (mainly polio) to create a national campaign to bring them equal opportunities to employment.

HHSL-TV Ep2 “Kulture E Kult” -NORWAY

Hip Hop Saves Lives and PeaceTones traveled to Finnsness, Norway to rock with local youth about the importance of being open to other cultures. The wrote and recorded a song called Kulture E Kult which means culture is cool! Here are some behind the scenes shots and interviews of the process. Music video coming soon!


HIP HOP SAVES LIVES and PEACETONES traveled to Sierra Leone to work with the disabled community. We recorded a song, music video and an interview series. 50 Don, a rapper with Polio leads the wave of fighting for eqaul rights. This is part 1 of his interview. We also documented a bit of the fascinating history of Sierra Leone. Many don’t know Black Americans during slavery got their freedom fighting for the British during the Revolutionary war and ended up sailing back to West Africa with a British company to build the original city of Freetown, Sierra Leone. More of this story and 50 Don coming in a following episide…

HHSL-TV ep4. Back in “Norway”

Episiode 4 of Hip Hop Saves Lives TV. We and are business partner PeaceTones are back in Norway interviewing the participants of the workshops about “SUBTLE DISCRIMINATION” that takes place at schools and to learn why they chose to write and record a song called CULTURE IS COOL!


Hip Hop Saves Lives and PeaceTones in Sierra Leone. This is the story of seven disabled homeless men living in an abandoned building. Five friends donated to give each of them a small business to help them find their way back from begging on the streets to self love and dignity. This is that story.