The World United in Song: Call to Action

We Can’t Be Silent in the Face of Genocide

Support Rohingya Musicians who are making a difference in their communities through giving a voice to the voiceless. By supporting PeaceTones you will raise awareness about the Rohingya Refugee Crisis, assist local human rights activists and their communities, and broaden the market for local artists.

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Accomplishments: PeaceTones® has helped artists since 2008.

  • Millions of people live in Nairobi’s shantytowns suffering from high rates of crime, poverty and widespread corruption, but even in these debilitating conditions, art thrives, particularly music. Musicians possess the power to act as voice boxes for the disenfranchised in a peaceful and productive way, but because music is often a cottage industry in Kenya, musicians are vulnerable to abuse, undue influence, and financial manipulation. PeaceTones® Kenya: Songs for Justice project addressed many of the challenges at the heart of these conflicts.
  • PeaceTones® went back to Haiti for our second project, “Haiti Sings,” six months after the earthquake of January 12, 2010. We chose to return to Haiti because the Western news sources focused on tales of devastation, destruction and hopelessness. We wanted to give voice to the Haitians, to give them the platform to talk (sing) about their own experiences of this life-altering event and also to find inspiring musicians who were giving their communities hope and solace in the midst of the devastation that, six months after the earthquake, still very much had Port-au-Prince on its knees.
  • Ato Periférico, or “Act from the Outside” is a group of young performers from the favelas of Recife, Brazil. They performed at the World Justice Project Gala in Vienna in 2009 and then were invited to be lead performers in Carnival in Recife. A mixture of hip-hop, rap, break-dance and capoeira, this multi-talented group writes, records, and choreographs original music and performances.

Reasons to Join:

  • We are dedicated to empowering musicians by creating a fair trade music model: Local musicians and their communities will profit, not record labels. But we need your support to create the tools and technology to make this happen!
  • Fairtrade music means aspiring artists will be able to produce their works, and have a means of being paid without going through a middleman.
  • You can also help the Rohingyas directly by joining Institute (IBO) and become a digital “pen pal” with one of the 700,000 refugees in the Cox’s Bazaar camp. As a member, you will be given digital tools and instruction on how to help your digital pen pal receive a digital identity, access to digital money they can use, and a digital wallet in which they can store their identity, their digital tokens and other attributes of value to them. For more information on becoming a member, visit




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