Following in the footsteps of Paul’s parents (the Grammy-nominated Boukman Eksperyans) the husband-wife duo Paul Beaubrun and Cynthia Casasola form the core of Zing Experience and continue the family tradition of fusing Haitian roots, rock & roll, and socially conscious lyrics.  Coupled with their dynamic stage presence that includes dance and guitar theatrics, Zing’s energy and music are nothing short of electric.

The band’s name combines the word “Zing,” the common parlance for a person with dreads in Haiti, but also meaning a spirit from the sea and vitality, and “Experience,” which like Boukman, is a tribute to one of their major influences, the legendary Jimi Hendrix.


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Co-founded by Paul Beaubrun, the band’s lead singer, is the youngest son of the legendary music family that founded Grammy-nominated Haitian roots band Boukman Eksperyans. As they carry forward the family tradition of Haitian roots, Paul and his wife Cynthia Casasola, form the core of Zing Experience, fuse it with rock & roll and socially conscious lyrics.


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