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WE DID IT + 10 Reasons To Continue To Give To Our PeaceTones Ambassador From Kenya

By July 15, 2015August 26th, 2022Blog

THANK YOU- together we raised over $5,000 in less than one month!!!
…And just because our Kickstarter campaign is over doesn’t mean you can’t still support and take a stand for music and social justice! Why? Read on. 


As we reflect on this last beautiful, humbling month and consider our last 24 hours, we are compelled to answer the most basic question- why give? And why continue even to surpass our original goals? Here’s just a few reasons our current donors and team have come up with:


  1. Changing a life (and many lives, really, if you think about it!)
  2. Supporting amazing, socially conscious music and counter-voices for peace and dialogue in Kenya
  3. Helping provide a platform for voices not traditionally heard
  4. Being a crucial part of launching the music career of the aspiring new “voice of Kenya”
  5. Helping set an example for what is possible when musicians around the world are empowered and are heard
  6. Learning and help others learn about the struggles faced by so many in the Kibera slum of Nairobi
  7. Creating economic opportunity for producers, managers, and sound engineers across Kenya and market access for those with positive, constructive social justice-oriented messages.
  8. Inspiring other artists to dream big, renew our focus on what we have in common, and act as positive agents of change in their communities
  9. Changing the global music landscape for the better!
  10. Cool rewards! (Including a Huthead poster, an autographed photo from the Songs For Justice project by acclaimed photographer, Joshua Smith, a digital visit to the recording studio w/ Emmanuel, a live-streamed concert from Emmanuel himself, and even a VIP experience in Nairobi, Kenya!)

10887117_934855089879856_2277104732675068373_oAs you can see, completing this project goes far beyond just dollars raised. Because of YOU, Emmanuel’s strong voice for peace will be heard.As we take that next step towards launching Emmanuel’s career in Kenya, we continue our quest to change the world for the better through music! If you haven’t already, you can donate via our Rally online donation portal OR become a PeaceTones Member to help support this vital work.