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Shaping the Future of Developing Countries Through Music

By March 28, 2016August 26th, 2022Blog

A recent workshop involving Kenya’s rising music star, Emmanuel Odhiambo a.k.a. Huthead, was organized in order to map ideas that could shape the Kenyan community. Pastor Francis Mwololo helped the teams understand the focus of the workshops, which were:

  1.     Drawing the youth towards social development within their community
  2.      Running peaceful outcomes in a democratic process
  3.      Establishing a community platform that will be able to support ethnic, religious, tribal and political interactions.
  4.     Creating opportunities for a self managed income source for the working group


While there, Huthead was able to showcase his music through his artistic talent to carry across the message of peace to the people of the Kibera slum and Nairobi at large.

With general elections coming up in August 2017, many thought that this was a message that needed to be communicated across all 47 Kenya counties. Through this workshop members of the community collectively recognized that music, art, sports, and concerts are mediums that could easily carry this message on in the community.

When the workshop floor was open to discussion, members discovered that each had their own talent that could be used for the positive changes needed in society and had connections to other people who could join this same effort. The Kitengela workshop produced a combined determination in raising resources to draw idle youth, often misused by politicians, towards something that could produce income to help the community. The team unanimously agreed that there will need to be follow-up workshops, which will include more women involvement to form a gender balance. They plan to help facilitate these ideas in the initiation for better communities in the country.

The next workshop date will be set in March. Follow our FaceBook page for updates on the latest PeaceTones events and developments.