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Macro Change in Micronesia

By August 7, 2018August 26th, 2022Blog

532,387 lives stand ready to be transformed. The “Let Peace Begin” tour, our next project, will share the experiences of hundreds of thousands in Micronesia. This means so much more than a song or album. Children will finally gain a voice through music to advocate peace, justice, and advancement in the international community. And this call will become a reality when IBO and ODEM create credentials to increase employment and create a trusted community.

For the following 13 days, Peacetones’ partner, Vocal Trash, led by Kelsey Rae and Steve Lindner, will work to create reform in Micronesia through music and technology. We are reaching out to children to hear their input on justice, and give them an opportunity to speak through vocal tracks. The tour will immerse the international community by blending cultures and uniting them in song.

The message of these songs, a call for justice, will become reality through IBO’s partnership with ODEM. By retrieving information about talented workers in Micronesia, or any developing country, we can link workers anywhere to jobs anywhere on the justice layer of the internet. However, this is only possible given a trusted community. That’s what we are building by making technology work for justice and the rule of law.

ODEM and IBO plan to establish trustworthy credentials for workers so that their skills can be known and available globally to employers. This, combined with the use of blockchain and smart contracts, ensures that the online marketplace of educational credentials is effective and efficient. Not only does this increase employment within Micronesia/targeted third-world countries, but it links jobs from businesses anywhere in the world to new workers by satisfying the need to verify the credentials of outsourced workers.